CounterCraft is a distributed deception platform for managing counterintelligence operations in the digital realm. We help our clients design, deploy, monitor and maintain campaigns.

We tackle the traditional problems of deploying deception based campaigns head on. We move beyond monitoring to deliver a solution that manipulates adversaries and generates usable intelligence.

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CounterCraft's deception solution allows you to design and build campaigns to generate the deception story. It protects key data and infrastructure with a wide range of deployable assets: decoy computers, false data and fake identities. It keeps the campaign resources aligned with the campaign goal.


CounterCraft automates deployment. Once a campaign has been designed, companies can deploy assets easily with one button. Behind the scenes CounterCraft marshals all the resources involved in the campaign and delivers a working deception with minimum input from the campaign owners and operators.


Monitor and manage incidents in real time when adversaries have penetrated an organisation’s defences. CounterCraft’s centralised, intuitive, apps are designed to simplify the painstaking process of managing multiple resources. Stay informed via key communication channels such as Slack and IM messaging platforms.


React to threats when they have been detected with automated and manual responses. Run Deception Operations (DecOps) to manipulate your adversaries’ path through the kill-chain and redirect them away from valuable information and assets. Responses can be pre-programmed, delivered by operators and analysts, or handled by artificial intelligence modules.


Integrate and customise your solution via our API and SDK. Enhance existing systems via API data exports. Use our SDK to add new functionality that is designed to meet your organisation's specific needs.


Our Counterintelligence Centre gathers all information about incidents, campaigns, adversaries and business impact into one clear dashboard. CounterCraft provides clear reports about the tools, tactics and procedures used by adversaries. Access forensic evidence for liaison with LEAs. Show the disruption to your attackers’ operations.

We deliver intelligence reports generated from an organisation's own data and enriched with internal and external sources. It's not an external third-party threat. It's data generated by a deliberate campaign.