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4 Oct

What makes CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform worth of a place in your managed security services portfolio?

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If you are a Managed Security Service Provider wondering what solutions you should include in your portfolio for your clients, then this article is for you. “What is in it for me offering CounterCraft’s cyber deception platform?”, that is what I will try to answer. Just a warning before we start… Sorry, I am not from marketing, so don’t expect a pretty text. And I am not technical either… I work with super wonderful people that bring all that glamour.

9 Sep

How deception is closing the gap: interview with CounterCraft Product Manager, Richard Barrell

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“We’re small children at heart: we love taking things apart and putting them back together! Sometimes we can’t put it back together, but that’s all part of the fun.” A passion for process and a hacker mentality have enabled Product Manager Richard Barrell to take CounterCraft from an MVP to a full spectrum cyber deception platform in a matter of years. Combining active and passive automation, predictive analysis and a focus on human interaction, the platform’s industry-shaping deception technology might just be the Trojan Horse we need to catch-up with threat actors.

23 Aug

CounterCraft recognized as a Representative Provider by Gartner

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In my opinion, Gartner released an excellent research report titled, Improve Your Threat Detection Function With Deception Technologies, authored by Gorka Sadowski and Rajpreet Kaur. It was published on March 27, 2019. CounterCraft was recognized as a Representative Provider in this report. According to the report, “Security and risk management leaders looking for tools to build or expand their threat detection and response function should include deception tools in their stack.

27 Jun

CounterCraft joins LORCA’s third cohort as one of the most promising innovators in cybersecurity

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We are thrilled to announce that CounterCraft has been selected to be part of LORCA’s Cohort 3, described by LORCA as ‘the most international yet’. The final 15 cyber security scaleups were revealed a few days ago, chosen based on this year’s search for security by design, basics and beyond in response to industry insights about what the market now needs most. The London Office of Rapid Security Advancement programme offers one year of bespoke, world-class support to help achieve product-market fit, engineer and iterate cyber security solutions, grow into new markets and scale on a national and global scale.

6 Jun

CounterCraft ‘highly commended’ for award-winning deception technology at Infosecurity Europe 2019

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It’s another busy week for CounterCraft! Not only have we been exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe 2019 we also attended the SC Awards Europe where we picked up a high commendation in the Best Deception Technology category. And that’s not all. We are extremely proud to announce that we’ve been selected to join LORCA’s. 3rd Cohort, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the chance to get fully acquainted with the driving force behind this powerful scaleup program whilst in London.

22 May

Key benefits of using deception for threat hunting plus use cases

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Many organizations are enthusiastic to adopt threat hunting as part of their cybersecurity arsenal, but in our experience, the key to success is to develop a thorough understanding of the benefits and less-obvious limitations before embarking on any enterprise level threat hunting program. In this blog we describe how and where you might get the most out of using deception to augment your threat hunting capability, based on a mix of open source proprietary research, interviews with SOC manager and CISOs, and reports published by Gartner.

29 Apr

Practical application of MITRE ATT&CK™ in threat hunting

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The MITRE ATT&CK™ knowledge base framework is not only an excellent resource, it also provides the global cybersecurity community with a common language for explaining incidents and understanding how attackers operate. Incorporating it into our deception solution allows us to represent and visualize what is actually happening in a controlled and monitored environment, modeling the cyber attack in real time. Further to this, it displays information in a way we, analysts, are becoming more familiar with, giving us an increasingly thorough understanding of what the data is showing us.

15 Apr

Nine dates for your cyber security diary

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The global events calendar for the cyber security industry never fails to provide us with plenty of opportunities to connect, collaborate and catch up with friends old and new. Wherever your 2019 schedule takes you, don’t miss the chance to get fresh cyber security updates, stay up to date with the newest threat trends and catch up with the cybersecurity community at the following leading industry conferences, summits and symposiums.

29 Mar

Tool Up Your Threat Hunting Team with Deception Technology

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Deception is a natural fit with threat hunting and threat intelligence gathering: it allows teams to engage with adversaries earlier in the attack sequence that has been defined by the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Here we explore and explain the benefits of using high-end, full-spectrum deception in the context of today’s threat hunting challenges. Download the full white paper. Strike first Security has always been a game of cat and mouse, in which the defender is always one step behind the enemy.

6 Mar

CounterCraft presents fully MITRE integrated platform that tools up threat hunting teams at RSA Conference SF

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It’s the third year running at USA RSA Conference for CounterCraft, and this year we’re proud to be representing the UK Government’s Department of International Trade as GCHQ alumni, as the business continues to expand its presence in the UK and global market. The groundbreaking CounterCraft platform aims to revolutionize the lives of threat hunters and analysts the world over, and is the product of continuous and meticulous customer-driven development. The most recent iteration delivers a vastly improved user experience and allows organizations to engage with and control attackers within highly credible synthetic environments.

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