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6 Mar

CounterCraft presents fully MITRE integrated platform that tools up threat hunting teams at RSA Conference SF


It’s the third year running at USA RSA Conference for CounterCraft, and this year we’re proud to be representing the UK Government’s Department of International Trade as GCHQ alumni, as the business continues to expand its presence in the UK and global market. The groundbreaking CounterCraft platform aims to revolutionize the lives of threat hunters and analysts the world over, and is the product of continuous and meticulous customer-driven development. The most recent iteration delivers a vastly improved user experience and allows organizations to engage with and control attackers within highly credible synthetic environments.

18 Feb

4 things we’re most looking forward to at RSA Conference 2019


You’ll find us at RSA Conference 2019 4-8 March in sunny San Francisco, in the South Expo booth 3342. We recommend getting in touch to book a demo or a meeting in advance to help you make the most of your time at the conference. CounterCraft CEO, David Barroso, will be joined by CSO Dan Brett and Threat Intelligence Business Area Lead, Nahim Fazal, so don’t miss your chance to get to know the team better, or catch up over a beer if you’re already acquainted.

6 Feb

Café con Leche with Dan Brett, Chief Strategy Officer at CounterCraft


Last year CounterCraft celebrated many milestones and successes, and pivotal to it all was none other than Co-Founder and CSO, Dan Brett. Dan works hand in hand with CEO, David, in leading the business and oversees the end-to-end sales and marketing operation. We secured a slot in his diary to sit down and talk about some of the next steps planned for CounterCraft, and to get his views on the state of the cyber deception market.

22 Jan

Using Deception to Protect Active Directory Pt. 2


[This is part two of a two-part series to describe how CounterCraft deception technology can be used to protect Microsoft Active Directory] In the previous post we talked about the basic concepts behind a typical campaign deployed to protect an Active Directory installation using the CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform. The deception technology is used to detect this activity in three distinct areas: 1) Detecting Enumeration of AD Credentials at the Endpoint

14 Jan

Using Deception to Protect Active Directory Pt. 1


[This is part one of a two-part series to describe how CounterCraft deception technology can be used to protect Microsoft Active Directory] Microsoft Active directory is really the default enterprise network operating system. It’s everywhere. It is where we store all our network, user and infrastructure data. To quote the O’Reilly big book of “Active Directory”¹: “Active Directory enables administrators to manage enterprise-wide information efficiently from a central repository that can be globally distributed.

17 Dec

Our top 5 most read cybersec blogs of 2018


Arbitrary Code Guard vs. Kernel Code Injections Throwback to May 2018 when we analyzed the common means of attack used by the WannaCry and Slingshot malware. The Windows 10 Creators Update had just been released and introduced new techniques for mitigating against remote code execution. This blog focuses on one mitigation technique in particular; the Arbitrary Code Guard, an update on the dynamic Code Restrictions mitigation. Alonso Candado, Security Software Engineer at CounterCraft, demonstrates how the Arbitrary Code Guard works, and tests its effectiveness against kernel code injections that are commonly used by malware.

11 Dec

30 minutes with David Barroso, CEO of CounterCraft


It’s been a year full of significant milestones for David Barroso, CEO and Co-founder of cybersecurity startup CounterCraft. We spent just half an hour with the man in very high demand before he headed off to his next industry conference and penultimate event of the year in Brussels. So, David, to get us started, how would you sum up deception technology in 280 characters? OK! I’m glad Twitter extended their character limit…here goes.

26 Nov

Deception deconstructed: how CounterCraft 2.0 works


We recently released the latest evolution of the CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform. Our robust and powerful tool for the design, deployment and management of enterprise cyber deception now benefits from an enhanced user-interface, optimized workflow and an automated behaviour analysis engine technology that will revolutionize the role of today’s Threat Hunter. Mature organizations with an appetite to diversify their existing enterprise defence strategies are leading the adoption of emerging cyber deception solutions, but first let’s remind ourselves why deception is so effective in the context of threat intelligence.

23 Oct

Interview with Raúl Pérez: The State of Play for Business Partnerships


Following the launch of the CounterCraft Business Partner Program, we spoke to VP of Enterprise Sales, Raúl Perez to understand more about becoming a CounterCraft partner, and why deception is a such a strong differentiator in the cybersecurity services market. Raul joined the company in spring 2018, and brings significant commercial business experience and expertise in implementing secure digital environments. Raúl now plays an integral role in the global expansion strategy, leading on the partner program.

9 Oct

CounterCraft 2.0 is live


It’s been a long time in the making and we are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform version 2.0. Until now, our product development team have worked quietly behind the scenes, continuously iterating and innovating to deliver monthly platform releases. However, as we celebrate three years since CounterCraft was established, we think you’ll agree that it’s about time we shared more about what we’re up to.