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7 Sep

How to Fight Threats in the Modern Age

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Most security professionals will tell you how dynamic today’s threat landscape is, and that it is constantly evolving. Everyday, new information circulates. Some of it is highly accurate, and of course some is more speculative. In many cases, cyber attacks are attributed to one criminal group based on some indicators of compromise (IOCs), the type of tools used by the attackers, or their modus operandi (referred to herein as MO).

17 Aug

What can Deception do to Defend Across the Attack Lifecycle?

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Although many principles of deception have been applied in military and intelligence domains for many years it has only been applied within the enterprise space for the past few years as technology and understanding has grown to provide cyber defenders with a new capability. If your organisation is new to the concept of Cyber Deception as an emerging component in an enterprise defence in depth strategy, then we hope to introduce you to some of its value now.

20 Jul

How Deception Technology Helps CISOs Meet the Challenges of Cyber security

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The concept of deception and how it can be used to strengthen defenses and identify internal and external threat actors is relatively new. In this article, we will demonstrate how CISOs and their security teams can use it to significantly increase their ability to identify and deflect potential attackers. This is not just about security; organisations spanning every sector are currently embarking on ambitious digital transformation programs. In the first instance, the foundations for successful transformation require consumers to trust organisations with their data, and in order to ensure this, robust frameworks are being introduced to enforce this.

6 Jun

Infosec 2018: Insights, innovation and networking at the UK’s biggest information security event

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The CounterCraft team is in amongst the action at Infosecurity Europe this week, thrilled to be connecting with friends old and new. The exhibition hall is bustling and the agenda is bursting at the seams with discussion, debate, and demand for a different approach to addressing today’s dynamic threat landscape. The CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform pioneers a radical way of using automated deception campaigns in synthetic environments for early threat detection and to capture detailed, client-specific intelligence that reveals the tools and techniques attackers and adversaries are employing against you.

1 Jun

Cyber Deception 101 –   a primer on the subject

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For the majority of people, Cyber Deception is a new topic, and is probably not one that you would think of finding out about in most job roles. This primer seeks to describe in outline why, if you are an Information Security professional, Cyber Security practitioner or Information Assurance team member you will want to know what it represents as part of your Defence in Depth approach to securing your organisation’s information assets and systems.

29 May

CounterCraft executes ambitious 2018 international expansion plan

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Following the new Cyber Deception Platform product release and a series of awards recognising CounterCraft’s contribution to the emerging deception technology market, the company is now making fast progress with its international expansion plan for 2018 and beyond. In recent weeks the growing team have improved their headquarters in San Sebastian, Spain with a new bespoke office space, a number of new faces and a new energy to succeed with an enterprising growth strategy.

25 May

Adopt robust breach detection and meet one of the key GDPR requirements

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The GDPR is officially upon us, and we’re pleased to share the release of our latest white paper that deconstructs the specific requirements organisations must adopt in order to comply with the Article 83 and its reference to data breaches. CounterCraft shifts the lens in this paper to provide a detailed analysis and explanation of the GDPR, Article 83, and the components that have so far been neglected in the rush to reassure users that their data will only be used with their consent and in accordance with the new regulation.

23 May

CounterCraft prepares for Infosecurity Europe 2018

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Our team of deception artists are keeping one eye on the weather forecast and another on your adversaries as they get set to attend Infosecurity Europe 2018. They’ll be joining the cyber security community at London Olympia for three days of insights, innovation and networking, following a recent string of industry awards and the release of the new CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform. We haven’t long returned from the UK where we recently exhibited at CyberUK in Manchester as a proud member of the GCHQ Cyber Accelerator Alumni, marking one year since CounterCraft graduated from the inaugural GCHQ Cyber Accelerator Programme.

21 May

Arbitrary Code Guard vs. Kernel Code Injections

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A common means of attack used by the WannaCry and Slingshot malware, among others, is through kernel code injections. The recently released Windows 10 Creators Update introduces new techniques for mitigating against remote code execution, of which, one to pay attention to is the Arbitrary Code Guard – an update on the Dynamic Code Restrictions mitigation. In this blog post, we will show how the Arbitrary Code Guard works and test its effectiveness against kernel code injections.

8 May

This is What Enterprise Cyber Counterintelligence Looks Like

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CounterCraft´s deep expertise in cyber security, applied digital counterintelligence methods, and related technologies has paid off in the new CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform. Our recent awards from Red Herring and the 2018 Info Security Product Guide have generated a lot of industry buzz. People are taking notice of our enterprise-grade scalability, use of software containerization, modular architecture, and advanced orchestration capabilities. Customers using the CounterCraft Cyber Deception Platform are ready to take on determined, advanced, persistent threat actors who mount complex attacks against their systems and information assets.