Our approach  

CounterCraft is designed to solve the problems associated with counter intelligence campaigns in the digital realm. We help our clients design, deploy, monitor and maintain campaigns.

We tackle the traditional problems of deploying deception based campaigns head on. We move beyond monitoring to deliver tools that manipulate adversaries and generate useable intelligence.

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CounterCraft's tools allow you to design and build a campaign to generate the deception story. It keeps the campaign resources aligned with the campaign goal.


CounterCraft automates deployment. Once a campaign has been designed, deployment is a simple action. Behind the scenes CounterCraft marshals all of the resources involved in the campaign and delivers a working deception with minimum input from the campaign owners and operators.


CounterCraft centralises all of the information generated from a campaign in one place. Monitoring and Management becomes easy through intuitive apps designed to simplify the painstaking process of managing multiple resources. Many deceptions will need to be maintained and improved throughout the lifetime of the campaign. This iterative process: design, deploy, manage, adapt, can be cycled as often as needed to maintain the plausibility of the deception.


CounterCraft is a real time system and at many points in the lifecycle of the deception there are decisive moments when the deception must respond to input from the adversaries. These responses can be pre-programmed, delivered by operators and analysts or handled by artificial intelligence modules.


CounterCraft delivers measurable change in your adversaries' behaviour. We actively interact with adversaries to mislead and cause them to take specific actions to aid computer security defence. The data generated by CounterCraft is valuable as it comes from our client's organisation itself. It's not an external third-party threat. It's data generated by a deliberate campaign.

CounterCraft provides analysis tools and enrichment APIs to cooperate with other intelligence sources. We deliver intelligence reports generated from an organisation's own data and enriched with internal and external sources.


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